Bringing Out the Krampus.

Hello! During these trying holiday times I like to think about the Krampus, an ancient, mythical Germanic beast. As the legend goes, on December 6th, Saint Nicholas brings out all the toys and candy for the good little boys and girls. Everyone sings songs, eats a ton of good food, and has a huge party. Everything is great!

Part of the reason it’s so great (aside from all the presents and general mirth) is because, a day earlier, all the wicked little children get a visit from the Krampus, who brings coal, terror, and a beating. With sticks. And chains. He might even abduct a particularly evil child, to be eaten at a later date. So with the bad children all dealt with, the good children can rest easy for another year.
It is my strong personal belief that the world needs the Krampus, in toy form. To help remind the bad that they need to try to be good. Or…Krampus.

So, coming early in 2013, I’m bringing it to the world, lovingly rendered in soft Japanese vinyl. It will be available in limited quantities for purchase by Krampus lovers everywhere.

Kool Krampus Profile Shot.

At approximately 9 inches tall, well articulated and with a surprise or two along for the ride, it will be a tiny titan, a silent, small statured sentinel, standing sentry over the lives of the lucky. Evil beware! More to follow.

3 Responses to Bringing Out the Krampus.

  1. St. Murse says:

    Yay Krampus! I’ve told many co-workers about him but I don’t think they appreciate the legend as much as we do Krotpong.

  2. Dan says:

    Looks great, can’t wait!

  3. kristy says:

    So excited for my Krampus beating!

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