Killer Krampus.

The Krampus project started as a tiny pebble rolling down a snowy mountainside, gradually gathering up steam. Now after almost a year, there is nothing else, only Krampus. It is coming down fast and hard, crushing the small and feeble in its path. Will you be up to the challenge of tangling with this red vinyl beast?

It comes well equipped, with trusty birch bundle in hand (it glows malevolently), chains, and a trusty sidekick (mainly around to kick in the side).

The majority of this run will be finished out with a metallic purple rub; each figure is chock full of gory detail. There will be a few chase figures salted through the release, and there will also be a few blanks available for your customizing pleasure, if you swing that way.

The figure measures eight inches on the dot of pure burning, child-terrorizing fury.


The store will open at 7 p.m. CDT on Friday, May 17. The price is $100 USD + $10 USPS Priority shipping. International shipping will be $35 via Express Mail Service. One per customer, for adult collectors only!

Click on the link >>HERE<< to go to the order site, and be sure to bookmark it! It’s gonna be a hot one!

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