Killer Krampus Release.

JM Rampage is a Tokyo based toymaker and an excellent painter of toys. Here is an example of some of his fine work.

JM Rampage Paints Killer Krampuses.

He is painting the next Killer Krampus release. This Krampus will be a deep green vinyl, with some glow in the dark chase figures scattered through. The run will be sold in a blind bag at the Blobpus X Splurrt show – opening July 5th in Tokyo. He will have them up on-line on July 6th, here!

I am super-excited about this, he paints a mean Krampus! I feel it is also a great honor for my toy to be showing alongside the works of toy heavyweights like BLObPUS, and Splurrt.

Here are some close up shots filled with all sorts of awesome.

Killer Krampus Up Close.

Mischief Maker Detail.

As an added bonus (for me, anyway), the Killer Krampus will appear in the July issue of Hyper Hobby, an amazing Japanese toy and model magazine. Flipping through this magazine gives me the same warm feelings I used to get looking at the Sears Catalog Wishbook back in the day. Only much more weird. And in Japanese.

Anyway, to actually appear in the pages of Hyper Hobby is a huge plate of delicious HELL YES, that I am looking forward to consuming with gusto.

Many thanks to JM Rampage for being awesome!

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