Kearjun was Kind Enough to let Me Ladle Paint onto YouZha.

I am offering these ghastly, gruesome gore goblins up for sale just five days from now. HERE if you’re looking. These beasties are called YouZha, Spoiled Meat YouZha to be exact, designed by the mysterious Kearjun, a young artist from Beijing, China. Painted in a most brutal fashion by me, Mr. Krotpong. They will be $130.00 plus shipping to wherever you might be. The date and time of this sale is August 2nd, 2015. HIGH NOON (12:00 p.m.) Central Standard Time. Click any of the helpful blue links on this page to be whisked away to the sale page which, for the sake of redundancy is located at


Cinco de Youzha.From the back. Backup Youzha.


Youzha so Close!

Many are the colors of paint, and long did I toil, in order to bring five (5) people the joy of owning this fearsome flesh flayer of a figure, this righteous rotten repulsive rapacious raptor of human flesh.

These won’t last so be QUICK.

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