Kanzler Time.

Welcome to the debut of Kanzler Sägrid Arschloch. Standing almost 15 inches tall, this Mid Level Management Monster and leader of the Honunculords will tower over most of your toy collection in silent judgement. Everything he surveys will be… lacking. Sorry, that’s just how he is.

That, and really gruesome.

Information on the sale is below.

Kanzler Arschloch sexy sexy.Just look at this sweet mug.

Kanzler Arschloch Full Frontal.

Kanzler Arschloch {GID}
random drawing sales
$200 US plus shipping

Drawing entries accepted for 24 hours.

Emails will go out to the winners only.
Please fill in.

Zip Code.

PayPal address.

International orders are welcome, please understand that this item is very large, therefore shipping will be more expensive.

Please send an email (1) to kanzlerarschloch@gmail.com in order to enter.

Winners will be notified on 10-02-2015.

Multiple entries will be disqualified.

Please allow for 2-4 weeks for shipping.

Kanzler Arschloch Side Boob.

Good luck, everyone! I put lot of care and detail into the paint application on this massive chunk of Japanese glow in the dark vinyl. It’s a pleasure to hold!

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