Rite of Spring. Kanzler/Homunculords Blank Sale.

Kanzler Arschloch blue
In the spirit of renewal, here are some nasty chunks of deep sky blue vinyl all fresh and clean. Paint them yourself, or don’t! Kanzler Sägrid Arschloch is, as always, an enormous beast. Just a hair shy of 15″ inches (38 cm). Homunculords are small and grotesque. You get 6 figures for one money.


All you have to do is this; Send your name, mailing address,  and paypal address to;


$130 plus $20 shipping gets you a Kanzler and all five Homunculords in beautiful blue soft vinyl. There will be a few chase colors as well (glow, green glow). If there are more orders than Kanzlers it goes to lottery sales. Application period ends on March 21st. Invoices go out on the 24th of March. International orders are welcome, but shipping will be $50.

Mighty Homunculords


Kanzler Klose

Happy Spring!

Kanzler for Scale.

Just for scale. That is a 12 ounce can of delicious beer.

One Response to Rite of Spring. Kanzler/Homunculords Blank Sale.

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