Whole Lotta DaDa.

This is about M1Go’s DaDa figure from Ultraman. I have painted a run of these Japanese soft vinyl figures with an eye toward costume accuracy, released for the first time ever in this colorway (pretty sure, anyway). These take hours to mask off and paint.

This is a blind box release. You don’t get to choose the contents. I won’t know which figure I’m shipping to you. Each of these figures is a one off. There are three glow in the dark figures, and two that are on peach colored vinyl. One of them is a secret chase.

If you would like to purchase a DaDa figure painted within an inch of its life, go to this link on 5/1/2016 at 12 noon CST.

For more information on this character, please continue reading.

DaDa is a strange-looking monster from the Ultraman series. He’s ultra creepy with his changing size and faces, disappearing and re-appearing all over the place, menacing the stupid, curious humans who are inevitably drawn to its secret, trap-covered lair. (The only reason Science Patrol even found the place was because they encountered the traps. If DaDa had shown a little more restraint perhaps we’d be up to our eyeballs in DaDas by now.)

Here is the incredibly dry summary from the Ultraman Wiki:

“Dada (ダダ) are aliens that attacked Earth and started abducting humans to advance some form of research. The original agent, Agent #271, was killed by Ultraman. The only other Dada to attack Earth was a computer Virus bearing the same name. The members of this race are referred to by their registration number and class, rather then possessing given names.”

“Subtitle: Three Faces Phantom (三面怪人 Sanmen Kaijin)”

Like many Ultraman villains, DaDa is good at scaring scientists, but really bad at everything else. DaDa has no game when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. It spends a lot of time scooting its butt in the dirt. Overall, it’s a pretty shameful display. Don’t take my word for it, watch it right here.

Perhaps it’s DaDa’s giant bucket head that throws it off balance.

At any rate, M1Go (M-ichi-go) made some soft vinyl DaDa figures back in the day. While there are really nicely painted versions of them, these particular figures have never been painted to look like the actual character before. Since 1996 at least, according to the foot stamp. I’m sure the reason for this is that they’re a huge pain in the ass to paint that way. How do I know? Because I have painted six of them that way, so trust me when I say it’s a huge pain in the ass.

They look damned good though.

DaDa Agent # 206

DaDa Seijin Brother # 173

DaDa Seijin Brother # 174

This one has a triple face!

DaDa Supreme Leader #371

DaDa Supreme Leader #371

DaDa Supreme Leader #371

Looking forward to sending these little dudes out into the world!

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