Where do I find the Homunculords?

March 24, 2015

 Go to this link HERE.

Homunculords in a Row.

Homunculords are on the March!

March 22, 2015

Springtime brings rain and flowers all around, the terrible winter rolls away until next time and green life fills all the spaces. In celebration of the receding darkness I’m releasing the Homunculords upon the world. The store HERE will go live at 6:00 p.m. CST on Tuesday, March 24th. The Homunculords will be on kinkeshi (キン消し) colored soft Japanese vinyl, sweetly hand-painted by me, Mr. Krotpong. There are five different figures to a set. Three come dressed in work clothes (look to The Homunculord Story for the ever-unfolding details), the other two are unadorned. The price for the set is $65.00 plus shipping to wherever you are. Shipping overseas is very expensive. Expect to wait up to two weeks for these to be mailed out. Worth it, I’d say. They’re pretty charming in hand. Please, one set per customer.


The Chancellor’s Arrival.

January 27, 2015

After a lengthy production process, this little guy is almost complete. There is still a bit of retooling that needs to be done on the head mold, but after that it’s ready to go into production. I am very excited today.

Kanzler Sägrid Arschloch.

The other good news is that the first run of my little Homunculords are in!

The first vinyl colors I picked for production were Kinkeshi flesh, and a nice strong glow in the dark. It’s quite bright.

Nightvision Homunculords.

Again, I’m very excited. The painting will commence soon…

 Here are some more photos!

Kanzler Arschloch Wielding Rock Fist.

This bastard is almost a pound of fearsome viny. 14 inches tall, 15 with his smashing arm over his head. Heavy duty.

Homunculords are Red.

Awww. The unhappy family together at last.

The Killer Krampus So Far.

July 24, 2013

Almost finished. There are a very few versions of each. Painted are $100.00 plus $10.00 shipping domestically. $40.00 for international.

Blank and mixed-parts are $85.00 with the same shipping rates as above.

Friday, August 2nd. 7:00 P.M. CDT. At the webstore here.

Red Debbil

Dauphin Krampus



Just Kidding Really


Killer Krampus is Coming Along.

January 6, 2013

I have recently received the wax preview for my Krampus figure. It still needs to be jointed, after that it will be ready for casting. As it turns out, there will be a lot more articulation than I had originally planned for, which is an awesome bonus for the end user. Everywhere there is a separate piece, there will be a mobile joint. The wrists, shoulders, neck, waist, and hips will have super-poseability. Spiffy!

Including the two pieces for the bundle of birch sticks and the two pieces for the omake, the part count is 13.  A little ambitious, but it should be just that much more fun to play around with. We are rolling right along.

Bringing Out the Krampus.

December 5, 2012

Hello! During these trying holiday times I like to think about the Krampus, an ancient, mythical Germanic beast. As the legend goes, on December 6th, Saint Nicholas brings out all the toys and candy for the good little boys and girls. Everyone sings songs, eats a ton of good food, and has a huge party. Everything is great!

Part of the reason it’s so great (aside from all the presents and general mirth) is because, a day earlier, all the wicked little children get a visit from the Krampus, who brings coal, terror, and a beating. With sticks. And chains. He might even abduct a particularly evil child, to be eaten at a later date. So with the bad children all dealt with, the good children can rest easy for another year.
It is my strong personal belief that the world needs the Krampus, in toy form. To help remind the bad that they need to try to be good. Or…Krampus.

So, coming early in 2013, I’m bringing it to the world, lovingly rendered in soft Japanese vinyl. It will be available in limited quantities for purchase by Krampus lovers everywhere.

Kool Krampus Profile Shot.

At approximately 9 inches tall, well articulated and with a surprise or two along for the ride, it will be a tiny titan, a silent, small statured sentinel, standing sentry over the lives of the lucky. Evil beware! More to follow.