Krotpong Industries Company Profile.

I was born Louisville, Kentucky. I moved away when I was 13. I lived in Houston, Texas. Some long years. Finally settled down in Austin, Texas.

I make stuff for me, though others like the stuff I make, too.

There is only one thing in my creative life that has delivered me to deep, near endless satisfaction. Making toys.

So I do.


2 thoughts on “Krotpong Industries Company Profile.

  1. Hey!

    Ayse Iryboz told me to talk to you about a project. We are trying to source 4inch (ish) figures of students and grads for a commercial shooting on 6/25. We may be covered already but still need backpacks for them. Do you have any tips? Feel free to call me at 920.450.6809


    Oh and your work kicks ass

  2. I’m kearjun. You know I in insragram? I love your work. I think you also like me. There’s a chance we can get together? Or to be a good friend? I think we have a lot in common! Looking forward to your email.

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